Grammar III

About This Project

Speaking Helper cards are an educational tool for learning English. They are designed for students learning at levels A1-B1, and also for teachers and language trainers as a means of enriching the lesson and providing assistance in conducting it.

They can be used at schools or during language courses as material for the whole lesson or just a part of it. Teacher can choose how to use these cards.

They are recommended for grades II- IV.

The set No. 3 consists of 50 colorful cards with 50 different basic questions and includes expressions such as:

  • The Present Simple Tense,
  • there is/there are

Thanks to these cards, you can:

  • familiarize students with grammatical structures,
  • easily consolidate and practice material,
  • contact interesting lessons,
  • reach visual and kinesthetic learners,
  • teach students speak English!

The set consists of 50 cards and a manual.
Kod produktu: SP-EG-03

Speaking Helper